Meet our flat roof mounting system

Our assortment for flat roofs are well-known for their simplicity and speed of mounting. After completing the design with our calculation software, the necessary ballast (small quantity) can be ordered directly. This simplifies the logistics and installation.

  • Mounting speed 3 minutes per panel
  • Unique click system
  • Only 7 to 9 components
  • Metal couplings, so pre-prepared for grounding and lightning protection
  • Standard application to 25m roof height (higher on request)
  • Low ballast, supported by the national standards and windtunnel tests

Download the ValkPro+ Complete Guide!

¿Quiere saber más sobre nuestro sistema de techo plano? Al descargar la ValkPro+ guía completa, recibirá una guía clara con:

  Our different types of mounting systems for flat roofs
  A quick guide of our ValkPro+ East-West mounting system
✓  Other types of mounting systems for pitched roofs and open fields